Family holiday in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Finally, vacation again! And where in Germany can you spend it better than in Baden-Württemberg, the travel and gourmet state. From the Bergstrasse, where, according to Emperor Joseph II, "Germany is beginning to become Italy", to the Swabian Sea, eventful holidays await the whole family. No matter whether it is a short holiday, a break from everyday life or a culinary world tour. Our youth hostels are the ideal starting point for your tour. And sometimes the youth hostel itself is even the highlight. Guaranteed ghost-free, but shrouded in legend and with a special magic, the youth hostels present themselves in the castles and palaces of Baden-Württemberg. Whether it's a fairytale castle such as the Ortenberg Castle Youth Hostel, castle complexes from the 11th century such as the Wildenstein Castle Youth Hostel or modernised such as the Veitsburg Youth Hostel. In the tree houses of Hohenstaufen Youth Hostel you can be woken by the chirping of birds and in Heidelberg you can even hear the wild animal orchestra of the neighbouring zoo.

Hiking in the Swabian Alb or through the Black Forest, cycling on well-maintained cycle paths to fairytale castles and historic fortresses, enjoying a Mediterranean feeling on Lake Constance or Schluchsee, and experiencing culture in all its diversity in cities such as Baden-Baden, Stuttgart and Heidelberg. There is more than one reason for families to travel to the "Ländle"!


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