Conditions for use

General Business Conditions for Youth Hostels

Youth Hostels (YH) are hostels of the Regional Associations of the Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk (DJH)
or other organizations associated with DJH.

The prerequisite for admission in a YH is membership in the DJH or in another organization of the International
Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF). It can also be acquired on-site in the Youth Hostel.

Youth Hostels are primarily aimed at young people and families.

Children and young people’s groups must be accompanied by at least one person responsible for their

1. Reservations

1.1 Guests can reserve their stay in person, by telephone, by fax, by mail, by e-mail or online.

1.2 The reservation inquiry should include the following: name, address, dates of arrival and departure, number of persons stating the gender, date of birth, membership number (if available), and for families, the age of the children, and meal requests.

1.3 The reservation becomes binding for both parties upon written or verbal consent and/or the signing of a written occupancy contract.

1.4 For families, groups or for longer stays, a written occupancy contract will be signed.

1.5 Guests without reservations may only stay overnight if the occupancy situation permits it.

2. Payment

Payment for a stay in the Youth Hostel is due at the latest when leaving. A deposit may be required. Full particulars are regulated by the occupancy contract which has been signed.

3. Cancellation

3.1 Guests without a written occupancy contract may cancel their booking by telephone. The cancellation must be received by the Youth Hostel before 6:00 pm of the day previous to the planned arrival day.

3.2 Guests with a written occupancy contract must cancel in writing. The cancellation must be received by the Youth Hostel at least eight weeks before the planned arrival date as long as nothing different is stipulated in the occupancy contract. A change in the number of guests must also be communicated in writing at least eight weeks before the planned arrival date.

3.3 For cancellations of reservations made within the eight-week period before the arrival date, the regulations outlined in the next chapter under “Cancellation Payment” will be applicable in all cases.

3.4 With respect to guests who have made a reservation, Youth Hostels reserve the right to withdraw from the reservation consent or, respectively, from the written occupancy contract for reasons of unavailability of the services agreed upon and/or stipulated up to four weeks prior to the arrival date. In such a case they are required to inform the booked guests immediately of the unavailability and to reimburse any payments already rendered. Affected guests will receive help in the search for replacement lodgings.

4. Cancellation Payment

4.1 If the cancellation period has not been complied with or if there is a reduction by at least ten percent with respect to the guests who were booked and those who arrive, or if guests do not arrive at all, a compensation of fifty percent of all stipulated services per person and day will be claimed by the Youth Hostel, unless the guest proves that a lesser damage or no damage has been incurred.

4.2 If the costs incurred to the Youth Hostel through the withdrawal are shown to be higher than this lump sum, the guest will owe the calculated sum.

4.3 The compensation will be forgone if other guests occupy the stipulated services.

5. Membership

The presentation of a valid membership card is a prerequisite for the use of a Youth Hostel.

6. Membership of Persons

6.1 The membership card can be obtained by all persons with a permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany at all DJH membership card issuing offices (also at Youth Hostels and business sites of the DJH Regional Association).

6.2 Individual guests up to 26 years old are given the Junior Card. For individual guests who are older than 26 and for families there is the Family/27 Plus membership card (FAM/27 Plus). Non-married couples will be treated on a par with married couples if they share the same place of residence. Each family member can be issued his/her own membership card. Children who are of age require their own membership.

6.3 Family membership cards (FAM/27 Plus) entitle cardholders who are of age to bring with them their own minor children or minor children who are friends.

6.4 Foreign guests who are not members of an affiliated IYHF organization can obtain the “International Guest Card” (Welcome Stamps) in the Youth Hostel.

7. Membership of Organizations

7.1 Schools, youth-groups, clubs, associations, foundations, firms, corporations, and other organizations acquire the corporate membership and thereby receive group membership cards. For admission, the designations regulated by the charter of the DJH and of the DJH Regional Associations are applicable.

7.2 With the group membership card, the group leader can stay overnight in a Youth Hostel with a group. The group membership card does not replace an individual membership. It is not transferable to other institutions or persons.

7.3 A group consists of at least four members including leaders. Group leaders must be at least 16 years of age.

7.4 Group membership cards will not be issued to travel agencies or other businesses that organize participation in travel on a commercial basis. Also for reservations made through an agent, the travelling group requires its own membership.

8. Prices

The basis for the prices is the current price-list of the respective Regional Association and/or the Youth Hostel at the time of receipt of the reservation inquiry, as long as no other prices are stipulated in the occupancy contract. Price-lists are available at the DJH Regional Associations and at Youth Hostels.

9. Liability

9.1 Guests who, through their own fault, incur damages on buildings or inventory will be held liable for damages according to the legal regulations (educators and organizers included).

9.2 Liability for the loss, theft or damage of valuables can only be claimed if the Hostel leaders or their representatives were expressly entrusted with their safekeeping, unless the DJH, its agents or servants have caused the loss or damage as a result of gross negligence. In this case also the legal regulations are applicable.

9.3 For damage to motor vehicles (contents included) and bicycles on Youth Hostel grounds, the Youth Hostel will not be liable as long as the damages were not caused deliberately or through gross negligence on the part of the DJH or its agents or servants.

These conditions of use / general business conditions for Youth Hostels were adopted by decision of the General Assembly on 19 November 2005 in Hannover.