Up and away

Best prospects for climbing in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Climbing opportunities located near Youth Hostels in Baden-Wuerttemberg
Excellent opportunities for climbers are guaranteed. Discover new places while climbing in Baden-Wuerttemberg: For example, choose between the climbing gym in Balingen-Lochen, climbing at the climbing wall of the Youth Hostel Bad Urach, climbing a rock in Triberg or just above the ground in Creglingen. Experienced trainers ensure that both experienced climbers and beginners will enjoy a great experience.

"Free Fall" experience in the high ropes course
Large parcours at dizzy heights; butterflies in the stomach and racing hearts while climbing, balancing and crossing flexible rope or beam constructions; the chance of a free fall experience or a rapid descent provided through a zip-line - several forest or high rope courses in Baden-Wuerttemberg offer their guests an unforgettable experience. Build teams, resolve conflicts and have lots of fun.

Which part required the most courage? Where did you manage to overcome self-imposed boundaries? What has been your favourite part? Young people and the open, family-like atmosphere in Youth Hostels provide the perfect place to get in contact with each other and to chat about the climbing experience.

Rock Climbing
Being in harmony with nature and feeling one's body at the jagged rock; feeling the pleasant anticipation with the goal in mind and then reaching the top leads to an incredible feeling of happiness!

There are many excellent rock climbing areas in the south of Germany. Granite, shell limestone or sandstone – different types of rock are waiting for climbers in the Black Forest, in the Ostalb region or Danube Valley. With approx. 150 cliffs suitable to climbing the Swabian Alb is the most important climbing area in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The Schaufels in the Danube Valley with up to 120 m is the highest climbing wall. It is also the highest non-Alpine climbing wall in Germany! Fans of the climbing sport enjoy their time in the quarry Schriesheim in the Odenwald or the Battertfelsen in the northern Black Forest.

The Youth Hostels in Baden-Wuerttemberg offer special climbing arrangements for beginners and experienced climbers and for all those who are simply curious.