Lake Constance - Upper Swabia

Such a large expanse of beauty is simply too big not to share

Lake Constance is the largest and deepest lake in Germany, bordering on Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland. Many-coloured sailing boats gliding over blue lake waters evoke a Mediterranean sense of joviality. In the midst of the “Swabian Ocean” lies the Island of flowers, Mainau, and the monastic island Reichenau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Hikers are enticed by the Hohentwiel, a bizarre volcanic cone: the view from the fortress ruins, one of the largest in Germany, is well worth a climb. Living history is encountered every step of the way: the medieval Meersburg castle, the prehistoric lake dwellings in Unteruhldingen or the baroque monastery church of Birnau.

Technology enthusiasts favour the Zeppelin city of Friedrichshafen. An additional classic is the historical city of Constance. Celebrations are not limited solely to the summer night’s festival in this lively university town.

Upper Swabia lies between Lake Constance and the Danube.
Soft, rolling hills often covered in forest alternate with wide, mostly agricultural plains. Nowhere else does one find an accumulation of so many baroque artworks as here on the 300 km Upper Swabian Baroque Route. The Weingarten Abbey, the most splendid architectural work, is the largest baroque church north of the Alps. Ravensburg takes you even further back into the Middle Ages: the city of towers and gates is a familiar site to every board game fan.