Kurpfalz - Odenwald

Experience history. Enjoy a sense of Mediterranean congeniality.

Take a waltz through the Kurpfalz: this land of quiet corners is a hidden idyll. Go sailing across the Rhine and the Neckar, take a break from everyday life by cycling your way through vineyards. The castle ruins in Heidelberg on the Neckar are a romantic souvenir of the electoral past. The university town’s crooked and well-kept alleyways combine traditional German ‘Gemütlichkeit’ with the cosmopolitan flair typical of university towns. Travellers from as far away as Japan and California. You can dream your nights away at the “Student-Prince in Heidelberg”.

The sun’s preferred resting place is the Bergstraße. According to Kaiser Joseph II “this is the place where Germany begins turning into Italy “. Holiday dreams thrive between almonds, peaches, apricots and wine. The passing of time seems slower and much more quiet on the historic market places and between the half-timbered houses, in the castles and palaces. Only the beat of your heart becomes louder.


The same goes for the Odenwald with its sprawling forests and and romantic gorges. At the Hornberg castle you follow the tracks of knight Götz von Berlichingen. His famous quote is the only harsh thing in this delightful region. We promise!