Show caves and vistor's mines

Besides 14 show caves you can also explore some mines open for visitors in Baden-Württemberg.  Especially popular are the visitor’s mine in Bad Friedrichshall-Kochendorf, the “Tiefer Stollen” in Aalen as well as the silver mine in Freundenstadt.

Particularly in the Black Forest and in the Swabian Alb you can find the main show caves. On of the longest is the Charlottenhöhle near Giengen-Hürben with a length of 587 m and an adventure museum as well as an adventure playground/ water fun park.

You have to walk down more than 141 steps to get to one of the most beautiful show caves: the Nebelhöhle. Here you will find phantastic stalactites, close to the Lichtenstein Castle.

Something very special is the “Tiefenhöhle” in Laichingen. It is the only vertical cave in Germany which has been expanded to a show cave. The stream cave in Wimsen, near Zwiefalten, is the only stream cave in Germany which is only accessible by boat. A cave with a stream, a gorge and a waterfall can be found in Rheinfelden near Lörrach: the Tschamberhöhle made from shell limestone.

Detailed information about the show caves in Baden-Wuerttemberg you can find on the website of the “Landesverband für Höhlen- und Karstforschung Baden-Württemberg e.V.” (in German language only).