Hohenlohe - Swabian Forest

Idyllically shaped river valleys, old bridges, dreamy half-timbered villages. Organic farmers going about their daily work on fields and paddocks. With a castle on every hill. The Hohenloher Land has this message written all over it: take it easy! The Jagst valley consists of 200 km of pure ‘Naturromantik’ with rare plants, storks, gray herons and even kingfishers.

In the old imperial town of salters, Schwäbisch-Hall, your gaze wanders from the old town hall to the hall church St. Michael, with a broad and prominent flight of stairs leading up to it. Between June and August these 54 steps turn into a theatrical venue and once again the stage is set for the famous annual festival. Unforgettable!

With around 70 vintage cars the German Car Museum at Schloss Langenburg is a Mecca for all those who have petrol running through their veins. Modern art fans are drawn to the Kunsthalle Würth in Schwäbisch Hall, those with a taste for nostalgia can take a stroll through the charming old town of Murrhardt.


The Swabian forest is a paradise for amateur naturalists and time travellers. Discover the cultural world heritage of Limes. Slip on your hiking boots or inline skates, jump on your bike or grab a paddle on one of the umpteen stretches of water, discover the secrets of the earth in one of the caves. The Swabian forest is simply almost too good to be true.