Stuttgart - Central Neckar region

Stuttgart surprises!

So young, so dynamic, so much culture!
After a long wallflower-like existence, a lively scene of art, culture and nightlife has come to life here in the last few years. Self-confident and carefree. The art museum on the Schlossplatz, with the most significant Otto Dix collection, is an absolute eye-catcher. The futuristic double helix building of the Mercedes Benz Museum, is a cult site for car fans. Architectural monuments such as the Weißenhofsiedlung or the forefather of all television towers are globally unique. Even after the sun has set, Stuttgart sizzles with activity and on the sidewalks in front of clubs and cafes stop-and-go is the order of the day.


Käthchen’s town, Heilbronn, is surrounded by vineyards. The balcony from which Käthchen Kleist waved still exists. The Käthchen, too. The university town of Tübingen has many famous students: poets and thinkers such as Hölderlin, Hauff, Mörike, Uhland, Schiller and Kepler studied here. Today the Swabian dialect can be heard in the midst of countless other languages and dialects from students around the world. Tomorrow’s movers and shakers?

Herzog Eberhard Ludwig said to himself “We have enough boring towns” and founded the Ludwigsburg. The royal palace is the splendid central focus of the baroque town centre. At the same time the university and sporting town is developing into a significant location for film and media. The students at the film academy received an Oscar for the special effects in “Independance Day”.