Shaping a future worth living

Take responsibility for our environment

We all should life in an energy efficient, environmentally-friendly and climate friendly way. A simple idea that sometimes is difficult to put into practice. The conscious experience of nature is part of our Youth Hostel programme for over 100 years now -in a very practical way.

In Hostels that classify as Environmental|Hostel, socially responsible, ecologically sound and economically justifiable behaviour takes top priority. In our Environmental|Hostels you can find educational programmes for sustainable development that makes us excited about the future.

Practical learning
How you can live in a lasting, resource saving and environmentally friendly way, you will learn in Environmental|Hostels. They offer educational programmes, that encourage resource saving, ecologically and socially sound behavior.

This includes:

  • Efficient energy use
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Conservation of resources
  • Environmentally friendly and socially sound behavior that encourage a lasting development on all levels
  • Environmentally and leisure-educational programmes

On-site young people learn e.g. how solar energy works. They collect their salad from the herb bed or explore meadows, forests and waters.

More than 80.000 pupils annually
Today, the Environmental Profile has become a quality mark for extracurricular environmental education, and more than 80,000 pupils each year participate in the program during school trips or summer camps. This profile is rechecked and confirmed by an audit every three years.