Culture and society

Youth Hostels and boredom – this will never fit together. Even dry topics become entertaining and full of live. How about staying overnight in a medieval castle and successfully passing the exam as a squire?Did you ever spend a night in a water tower in Konstanz? Or do you want to start a thrilling journey through time to the romans or to the oldest archaeological sites of mankind? Stuttgart, Mannheim, Heidelberg? Lörrach, Schwäbisch Hall und Ludwigsburg? In Baden-Württemberg you can find a lot of cities full of live and culture. A pleasant company in the Youth Hostel, extensive shopping tours, museums, interesting facts from history ore politics and the witnesses of industrial culture are on the agenda. We also address social issues like inclusion. You can get creative in theatre workshops or in creating a film. Different learning programmes help in a playful way without pressure to acquire new knowledge and new learning techniques.

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