Health and Sports

If you want to spend an active Holiday, start a amicable competition or if you just want to improve your fitness – the Youth Hostels in Baden-Württemberg are the perfect place to be. The location of the Hostels, their facilities and a healthy nutrition are perfect starting conditions. The programmes in offer are diversified and the necessary equipment is most of the cases available. Whether you want to go on foot, by bike, on a horseback, with skies or snowshoes. Be it by land, air or sea. Baden-Württemberg will make the hearts of sportsmen miss a beat. At the end you willgain great impressions, experience unforgettable moments and sometimes you will also make new friends. At the same time you can do something good for your health too. In doing sport one finds to nature and to himself. You will strengthen the immune system and the cardiovascular system. After an active day you will find peace and gather new strength in the Youth Hostel. In some Hostels you will also find wellness programs, indoor swimming pools or fitness rooms. Diversified, regional and healthy meals provide culinary delights. Deliciousness is granted in Baden-Württemberg. Here you find a lot of Michelin-star chefs, one for example in our Youth Hostel in Sigmaringen, regional delicacies, RITTER SPORT chocolate squares, grape drinks and a very old elixir of life: mare`s milk.

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