Offers for middle level

After changing school the new classes were formed. Time to get new friends and to find one´s place in the community.  How can you build a school team out of shy, cheeky, scared or self-confident pupils? Maybe on a school trip for several days in one of our youth hostels. Our experienced nature, environment or experienced based learning trainer knows the right programme for every school class.

School trips offer a welcome change from daily school life and opportunities for new experiences.  The new environment and situation leads to new reactions.  There are a lot of possibilities to  perceive new aspects. When working in groups, at excursions, when hiking or doing sport, when eating or sitting together in the evening: a short verbal exchange, an appointment, a short discussion or an intensive discussion are always possible and can help to revise the negative image of someone. The images and roles of teachers and pupils will change.


Whether experienced based adventure camp or workshop in a creative and musical way, whether historical regional excursion or ecological project – rarely learning was so exciting. The youth hostels in Baden-Wuerttemberg offer package holidays or modular programmes for all grades of school classes.

You have already chosen a youth hostel and now you have questions regarding the programme or the region. No worries! The youth hostel team will be happy to assist and help you. They know a lot of tips and advice you in detail.