Bathing in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Whether water rats, mermaids, wellness fans or people looking for recreations

Those who prefer to spend time in or near water may not necessarily have to book an expensive summer vacation. In Baden-Wuerttemberg a large number of lakes for swimming and water parks offer pure holiday feelings.

Jump into the waves or relax among palm trees: various lakes for swimming, water parks, outdoor pools, thermal baths and spas are your guarantee of an enjoyable swimming experience in both winter and summer. Youth Hostels offer comfortable and budget accommodations and are located nearby.

Lakes offer pure holiday feelings
In Baden-Wuerttemberg you will find more than 300 lakes for swimming - one of the most popular is Lake Constance. Thanks to its good water quality and large numbers of leisure opportunities it attracts thousands of visitors annually. Sit together, chat, laugh and let the day find a comfortable end in one of the Youth Hostels in Friedrichshafen, Constance or Ueberlingen, which are directly located lakeside.

Watersports enthusiasts will enjoy the biggest lake in the Black Forest – the Schluchsee. Children as well as adults will be offered fun and action in water parks nearby. In the Youth Hostels Seebrugg or Wolfsgrund you will find a comfortable bed, a delicious meal and good company.

Various leisure activities like surfing, sailing or diving turn the Titisee into an attractive and exciting place for visitors. Just a little stroll and you can let the day come to an end in a relaxing atmosphere in the Youth Hostels Rudenberg or Veltishof.

Bath paradise
To spend the day in one of the various leisure and fun baths and water parks is almost like a short holiday trip. Everyone is feeling good and is in the mood to swim. You can enjoy different slides like blackhole or jump slides, flow channels, wave pools and whitewater river.

To much action for you? No worries, relax in one of the spas and thermal baths in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Therapeutic thermal water or mineral springs will enable you to enjoy pleasant relaxation and to wash away the stresses of the day.