Youth hostels in Germany

Safe and modern accommodation for every type of trip

With more than 400 different youth hostels in Germany, you can rest assured that you’ll find a hostel that fits your needs like a glove. Our hostels all offer comfortable accommodations and state-of-the-art facilities, and each youth hostel also has a unique flair that will make your stay extra special.

Culture and heritage – discover Germany!

Our youth hostels are the perfect place to soak up culture and heritage. Both students and travellers will gain first-hand experience in a number of topics depending on the particular youth hostel, and our state-of-the-art facilities mean you won’t lack for anything you need to ensure a successful trip.

But it is not just backpackers or university groups that enjoy staying in our youth hostels in Germany. With playground and fun activities for the little ones as well as programmes designed for adults, the entire family will have a memorable holiday—at a very bargain price. Book now and discover youth hostels in Germany first-hand!

Activity, sports & healthy eating in Youth Hostels

Unimaginative, listless cooking? Not with us! The food on offer in German Youth Hostels is at least as varied as the roughly 400 Youth Hostels themselves! Many Youth Hostels buy their food directly from regional suppliers or have introduced a weekly “veggie day” in their endeavour to protect the climate. Talking about the climate: of course, physical activities outdoors and learning experiences in a super-creative setting feature in the Youth Hostels’ programmes. Sports and activity are good for you, and even better in combination with the right nutrition. And if you experience all of this as a team and as a member of a strong community, this builds a solid foundation for a healthy, self-determined lifestyle. Needless to say, all that works best when it’s also fun. When families cook together in the cooking arena, obtain a healthy eating certificate, or go on an outdoor adventure including a herbology course, there’s plenty of fun to be had. And Youth Hostels offer all of this? Absolutely! Plus much more – even after 115 years, the German Youth Hostel Association’s hostels and the programmes they offer are #differentthanyouexpect. Have we whetted your appetite? Then book your stay now and find out more about healthy eating in Youth Hostels.