Leisure and adventure parks in Baden-Wuerttemberg

In Baden-Wuerttemberg young travellers, groups, families and action addicts can find a wide variety of leisure and adventure parks with breathtaking rides, magical fantasy worlds and extravagant shows. A visit is always like a feel-good mini-vacation. Those who want to avoid expensive resort hotels will find a budget alternative in one of the modern Youth Hostels close by.

Germany's biggest and most popular leisure park - Europa-Park
Germany´s biggest and most popular leisure park is the Europa-Park in Rust near Freiburg. The visitors will find 120 attractions and shows in 12 thematic areas. 11 different roller coasters guarantee pure thrills. Here, every coaster enthusiast gets his money´s worth. If you are looking for an adrenalin rush, take a ride with the Silver Star, Europe´s second highest and fourth fastest roller coaster. Europa-Park's water-coasters and the new wooden coaster attract families. You also should not miss the “Euro-Mir” and the wild mouse ride “Matterhorn Blitz”.

Fun for the whole family
The leisure park Tripsdrill near Cleebronn exists since 1929 and is therefore the oldest leisure park in Germany. The park is suitable for families with kids. For coaster enthusiasts the catapult roller coaster „Karacho“ thrills your heart as well as the wooden roller coaster „Mammut“, entirely built in Germany with German trees. The roller coaster “G’sengte Sau” offers a thrilling „wild mouse ride“ for the young and the old. It had become famous through Dirk Auer, an extreme inline skater, who – as the first person in the world – drove down an roller coaster with inline skates holding a beer glass in his hand.

The „Traumland“ at the „Bärenhöhle“ (German website) is a 1974 opened leisure park in Sonnenbühl in the Swabian Alps. The park is directly located next to the Bärenhöhle, one of the most popular show caves in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Main attraction of the park -which is designed for smaller children- is the fairytale forest. The park offers coaster rides like a classic car coaster, a sports car coaster, different carrousels, a kids roller coaster as well as a 35 meter high Ferris wheel which offers a fantastic view of the black forest and - in good weather - even the alps!

The „Schwabenpark“ (German website) in Kaisersbach in the Welzheimer forest was formed as a Safari park in 1972 and was renamed in 1985 to Schwabenpark. The attractions address mainly families with kids. Also in the Welzheimer Forest you can find the „Eins+Alles“, an experience for all the senses. At different stations you can train and discover one's sensual perception with different experiments.

In Todtnau grown-up and small racers will love Germany´s spectacular toboggan run "Hasenhorn Rodelbahn" (German website). Buckle up and off you go – 2.9 km down the hill. You determine the pace. The toboggan run operates in all weathers.