Take a canoe trip through the wild south!

Enjoy an unforgettable canoe trip in Baden-Wuerttemberg on the Neckar, Kocher, Jagst or Danube.

Whether you are looking for tours from few hours up to several days, if you want to pass medieval castles or if you want to paddle in a long calm river or in turbulent rapids – in Baden-Wuerttemberg you can find it all. The scenic view: fantastic! The water: refreshing! The mood: awesome!

You will love paddling here!
A canoe trip through Baden-Wuerttemberg unites people and offers lots of fun. Wild nature, several sightseeing points like castles or steep rock faces and strange formations are awaiting you. Did someone splash with water? Whether alone or in a funny group, take a paddle in your hands and off you go!

Across Baden-Wuerttemberg various Youth Hostels offer canoe trips in cooperation with qualified local partners. Several segments of the route are suitable for families with children aged 6 years and above. Safety comes first: the use of a life jacket is obligatory and age-appropriate instructions enable canoe newcomers to feel secure and enjoy the experience on the water. Wanna race? Or swim?

Relax together in a Youth Hostel!
After an impressive natural experience like this you can relax in a Youth Hostel nearby. In the relaxed atmosphere of our central and beautifully located family-friendly Youth Hostels, children easily find other children to play with and adults can relax. Enjoy a delicious dinner and/or sit relaxed at the campfire with likeable fellow travellers with whom you can share your experiences.