Accommodations with outstanding charm

Majestic and exalted with medieval charms they dominate the surrounding areas. The five Youth Hostels in Baden-Wuerttemberg which are located in castles and palaces evoke an enchanting charm and are surrounded by myths.

Dreams come true at those Youth Hostels for all who ever dreamed of owning their own castle or palace. State of the art facilities, bedrooms with private bathrooms, cosy bistros and common rooms, which leave nothing to be desired, often lie behind the outer historical shell.

Sometimes the venerable old buildings soar high above the city like the Youth Hostel Veitsburg in Ravensburg or Burg Rabeneck in Pforzheim or they are located high above a river valley like the Youth Hostel Burg Wildenstein or surrounded by vineyards like the Youth Hostel Schloss Ortenberg, our fairy-tale castle. Even in the valley the ambience is impressive.