Offers for upper school

Youth hostels offer everything an upper school needs. Whether you want to overcome the own limits at breath-taking heights, cross a deep canyon or experience an exciting adventure. Various cultural and historical programmes give the pupils the chance to follow the footsteps of our ancestors, of the visual arts or modern media.

The lively art, culture and party scene of the Middle-Neckar, the extensive forests, silent mountains and romantic canyons of the black forest area or the biggest and deepest inland lake in Germany, the Lake Constance are waiting for explorative classes.


Nature, Culture and technique – Baden-Wuerttemberg  stands for variety – and our youth hostels also! All hostels offer package holidays or modular programmes for all grades of school classes. We will get the very best out of your school class: team spirit, faith in the group. The class will grow together, the self-confidence of each child will grow. You can´t stop this process.

You have already chosen a package holiday or modular programmes and now you have questions regarding the organisation? No worries! The youth hostel team will be happy to assist and help you. They know a lot of tips and advice you in detail.