Offers for primary schools

For primary school children a school trip is the summit of activities beside the normal school life. It helps the pupils to become independent and self-confident. A couple of days away from home from the parents, from brothers and sisters and from friends. The first big challenge for teachers and pupils. How do you deal with the school class so that they don´t suffer too much from homesickness? Attractive programme offers help the pupils to forget about their homesickness.

Historical and age-appropriate tours demonstrate the pupils clearly the life during other epochs. Various nature excursions sensitize the class for the environment. Interaction and team games strengthen the spirit of community. School trips for a couple of days will remain a lasting memory and impression in the minds of all participants.


Many of our youth hostels are situated in exposed location and offer a lot of space in and around the house. Feel like a princess in a palace or a knight in the castle. Every youth hostel has its special flair. Experience the extraordinary atmosphere of our youth hostels in Baden-Wuerttemberg.  Let yourself be inspired!

You have already chosen a youth hostel and now you have questions regarding the programme or the region. No worries! The youth hostel team will be happy to assist and help you. They know a lot of tips and advice you in detail.