Tauber valley

Everything seems easier and sweeter here.

The Tauber leisurely winds its way through the natural countryside. The epitomy of a picture postcard. Heartwarmingly refreshing. The clear waters teem with countless numbers of fishes. The banks are covered in vineyards, sprawling in the sun. Even the undulation of the hills seems gentler. In between: romantic little renaissance castles with well-kept grounds such as in Weikersheim. Or castle ruins such as in Wertheim.

The inhabitants keep their traditions alive, yet they were not born yesterday. This is ‘Gemütlichkeit’ without cobwebs. Easygoing. Your eyes are opened, your heart is, too.

Endearing towns and villages, interesting sights and Franconian half-timbered houses invite you to linger and indulge. For three centuries, until 1809, Bad Mergentheim was home to the Teutonic Order. 18 Grand Masters resided in the castle. Stately half-timbered houses from the time around 1500 are proud reminders of fame and fortune in years past. Travellers from all over the world come to Creglingen to see the Riemenschneider altar in the Herrgottskirche. World art.