Environment and Nature

Situated in attractive natural surroundings the Youth Hostels in Baden-Württemberg are a perfect starting point for unique experiences of nature. In our Youth Hostels, environmental protection and environmental management are turned into a living reality: in the building, in the programmes and at the buffet. Ecologically aware, climateneutral, regional and fair. Environmental education and outdoor adventures are always on the agenda of the Youth Hostels.

So put on your walking shoes and shoulder your backpacks and off you go. You can go on foot, by bike, on a horseback, with a canoe or just climb up. You want to do a trip with the family, an excursion with the class or a group travel? The Youth Hostels offer the perfect program for everyone.

Beside of the local wildlife you can visit dinosaurs, find Neanderthal men and discoverfossils. Where can you find the most beautiful natural treasures? Put on your headlamp and enter the cave. Do you want to let your eyes wander over the north Black Forest region? Then climb up the 40 m to the observation tower of the top tree walk. When the cuckoo calls, the trip will start. In the Black Forest you can find Bollenhüte, regional delicacies, peace and originality, local wildlife and fauna, appealing exhibitions, special nature experience offers and well marked paths for everybody. THE visitor highlight of millions of tourist is the Bodensee, the so called Swabian Sea. Local recreation area, a paradise for water sports, drinking water reservoir and habitat for over 350 bird species. Or do you just want to drive in the refreshing water?

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