Good education and knowledge in foreign languages will be more and more important within globalization. To prepare children and teens ideally for their future, the DJH Regional Association of Baden-Wuerttemberg offers special linguistic and learning camps.

Learning offers for everyone
Many of our offers are designed for children and their parents, because it doesn’t matter if it’s a workshop about effective learning strageties, a course in public speaking or an English weekend – you achieve more when you’re united! Next to collaborative learning lessons, parents often have the possibility to add ideal wellness offers.

It’s not only families, but unaccompanied teenagers, too, who get their money’s worth. Maths, French or English – it seems jejune and boring at school, but together with some likeminded people, a lot of entertaining items on the programme and a whole bunch of fun it will turn to a great and lasting experience.

You are not only learning for and in school. This is proved by several workshops and learning weekends for unaccompanied travelers. If you want  to learn playing guitar or using a sewing machine,  you will find corresponding programmes for teens and adults in our offers.

If you are interested in any programmes, feel free to contact us via mail.