Governmental Federal Voluntary Service & voluntary social year

Commit yourself for one year – the voluntary service in the youth hostels in Baden-Wuerttemberg

The choice is yours:

  • castles and palaces
  • lakes or mountains
  • close to nature or big cities
  • universitiy cities or other interesting regions

We offer you various possibilities for application.

If you...

  • want to commit yourself to help others
  • are at least 18 years old,
  • want to promote a cultural understanding,
  • enjoy the possibility to come into contact with other cultures and/or
  • want to bridge the waiting time for a place of work/study

... then take part in the governmental federal voluntary service in one of our youth hostels.

Youth hostels are non-commercial leisure-time facilities that offer budget accommodation for young people from all over the world. They encourage the mutual knowledge and tolerance towards different worldviews and ways of living.

Are you looking for a challenge?

Testing oneself, learning new things, demonstrate responsibility and growing with each task and challenge – this all covers the governmental federal voluntary service.


During the governmental federal voluntary service you receive...

  • pocket money
  • possibly free board and accommodation
  • 100% of the social security contributions
  • 30 vacation days per year
  • accompanying seminars and a mentoring which is tailored to your needs
  • a permanent contact person, who assists you
  • a certificate of competence for the application for study or work
  • application advantages for example as a teamer for international youth encounters

The voluntary service can be recognised as a pre-study practical course for social professions and regarding the selection of a study place. It depends on the provisions of the company or university whether and to what extent the recognition of this voluntary service is possible.