Welcome back!

Welcome back!

The protection and health of guests and staff have always been top priorities for the youth hostels. We follow the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute as well as the regulations of the health authorities to prevent the spread and transmission of diseases. We pay attention to all prescribed hygiene measures in all areas of our youth hostels.
Behind the scenes we have prepared everything to make you feel comfortable and safe.


Everything worth knowing for your safe stay with us


Our guests are asked to keep a safe distance, wash their hands regularly and observe the cough and sneeze label. If you feel unwell or are considering an illness, consult your doctor for safety reasons and have yourself tested if necessary before checking into a youth hostel. Guests who experience symptoms of illness during their stay are asked to stay in their room and call a doctor via the reception desk. In this way you will contribute to the general safety and protection of your fellow human beings. The country-specific regulations must be observed. In the public areas of the youth hostel you are obliged to wear a mouth and nose mask.

For a carefree stay with us in the youth hostels, the following requirement is necessary upon arrival:

  •  a daily (max. 24 hours old) negative COVID-19 rapid test* or
  •  a negative PCR-test, which is not older than 48 hours
  •  a medical certificate stating that a Covid-19 infection (confirmed by PCR test) occurred at least 28 days and not more than 6 months ago, or
  •  a vaccination completed at least 14 days ago by means of vaccination documentation.

* The test must be presented upon arrival. The free citizen tests in the test centers can be used for this purpose.
Furthermore, the following agencies can also confirm a negative test result:
- employers, in the context of a company test
- in the case of schoolchildren, a child's or schoolchildren's ID card is valid, (substitute for the test)
- Children over 6 years of age who have not yet started school are also considered to have been tested. (No need to take a test)

For overnight stays: a current test certificate must be presented every 3 days.

Youth Hostel employees

Our employees comply with distance regulations and strictly follow official government guidelines. They are comprehensively trained on the current hygiene guidelines. All service personnel wear mouth and nose protection in public areas and in contact with guests.



At the reception desk, the distance regulations must be observed. Reception areas are (as far as possible) equipped with a plexiglass partition to further minimize the risk of infection. Guests are requested to pay as cashless as possible. Guests will receive disinfected room cards and disinfectant is available at the reception. After check-out, guests are asked to leave the hostel directly, unfortunately, no further stay is possible and luggage can´t be left in the hostel.


Dining room

Disinfectants can be found in the entrance area of the dining room. Food and drinks are only served by the staff. You may have to reckon with a reduced selection of offers. However, you can still rely on quality, regional products and healthy food. In order to be able to offer our guests the highest level of quality and safety in terms of catering, all stages of preparation in the kitchens are checked and monitored by professional control systems. The adherence to the applicable distance rules and the maximum occupancy of rooms and tables is guaranteed.


Rooms, public areas

There are special checklists and checklists for employees in all the different areas of the youth hostels (rooms, common rooms, leisure facilities), so that our high standards of quality can be fulfilled in the long term. Beyond the fulfilment of legal obligations, the youth hostels also work with their own quality standards, which are regularly analysed and adapted.

All rooms and common areas are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. Compliance with the applicable distance rules and the maximum occupancy of rooms and tables is ensured. Please note any guidance systems in the hostel.


Bookings for groups and seminar groups

We work closely with our customers to handle all necessary requirements and changes to group and seminar bookings on a case-by-case basis. Our hostel team will assist you in planning to meet your current needs, including moving event dates to a different time. Please contact the hostel in question to discuss further details.

We look forward to seeing you and wish you a pleasant stay.