Bull`s eye: best training conditions in the rhenish youth hostels.

Sport keeps fit, is great fun and encourages the team spirit. Therefore, sportive activities do have a special significance at youth hostels ever since: about 400 youth hostels in Germany are certified with the predicate „especially suitable for sport groups“ and are offering herewith their sports-mad guests varied training opportunities. Together with the “Deutsche Sportjugend ( dsj)“, high quality standards were developed which are suitable for a competition preparation, a sportive class trip, a training-camp or the leisure-sports.

22 rhenish youth hostels „especially suitable for sport groups“.

In the Rhineland, from the Lower Rhine up to the Eifel, 22 youth hostels had distinguished themselves with the attribute „especially suitable for sport groups“. The certified youth hostels are equipped with separate sports grounds or solid utilization opportunities for guest sport groups in proximity. You can find detailed information on the entire internal sport grounds with a click on the portrait of the certified youth hostels on the right hand side. We have assembled the training opportunities of the sport grounds in the surrounding below on the map of the Rhineland. Here you can inform yourself in a detailed way, how far away the next pool is or if a sport ground in proximity can be procured.


Following key subjects *:

  • professional guidance before and during the stay
  • opportunity to use the sport grounds of the youth hostel ( utilization takes place upon consultation)
  • information on sport grounds in proximity
  • individual adapted meal times as well as catering offers upon consultation
  • dry- and wash opportunities for the sports-wear
  • separate accommodation for the group leaders
  • booking of additionally programme modules 

*the weighting of the key subjects can vary according to the youth hostel


Strengthen the team-spirit

Beside the right technique and a lot of condition and endurance, especially the team-spirit of a sport group is crucial if a match or a competition shall be won. Therefore, many youth hostels are offering best preconditions for active time-outs, for example:

  • barbecue places for common barbies
  • campfire places for stock-bread baking
  • discotheque room for a high spirit dance-evening
  • bistros for a cozy “after-sport-meeting“
  • common rooms for motion or relaxing exercises


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