Wheelchair users

Travel with access!

A trip to the Rhineland youth hostels can be simple and straightforward for people with mobility problems. A lot of the Rhineland youth hostels are prepared for the special requirements of wheelchair users. Ramps, lifts and rooms suitable for wheelchair users guarantee a pleasant stay. Thanks to accessible conference and common rooms, conference plans can also be implemented without any problems for people with mobility problems in the Rhineland youth hostels.

Each youth hostel has its own history: some have been renovated or converted, others are located in historical buildings – for this reason, only partial areas or individual rooms at such a hostel may fulfil the best conditions for wheelchair users to stay. Other hostels – mostly more recently built ones – fulfil the DIN standards for accessibility and can also accommodate groups with several wheelchair users without any problems. And that is not all: some hostels also offer suitable school trips, holiday programmes and city weekends – there are intensive experiences for everyone there! All this means there is nothing in the way of mutual experiences for people with and without mobility problems.