Our advanced training offers

Distinction: qualitative variety- and a class of its own!

The social togetherness of children and teenagers is describing a more central issue of the daily scholastic work. Learning is always fun, if a relaxed school-atmosphere and a positive didactic climate is ruling.

Hereby, extracurricular educational places can make a crucial contribution: for example, the costless advanced training offers of the DJH state association Rhineland are offering a targeted support for teachers and student teachers for diverse topics around the school routine.

Eventually you require help for the planning of your next class trip? No problem, gladly we will consult you!

Did you know, that many of our class trip programmes are bearing seals such as “Social Learning Intensive“, “MINT-supporting“ and “class Class-better learning with the team“? And that in many of our houses a positive learning environment for schools is encouraged targeted? Gladly we will illustrate, how by use of differing experience education and varied methods it can be reacted targeted to the strengths and weaknesses of the children- and hereby fun will not come up short!

Simply look upon us as your partner!

Our long-term expertise -especially in the pedagogical domain- is guaranteeing intensive, but especially sustainable learning-experiences for you and your pupils!