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It`s not what you say, but how you say it!

Facilities for wheelchair users

For years, we`re taking care of a disabled-friendly designing of our houses at the maintenance- and reconstruction works. Most of the music youth hostels are accessible and are equipped with appropriate rooms and baths. So that we can dispose, please state already with your booking the number of wheelchair users amongst your participants.  



So that your rehearsal stay can proceed perfectly, we will consult you already beforehand. Gladly the teams of our houses will give suggestions concerning selection and designing of the rooms, meal planning and leisure time activities.



You can book your rehearsal stay directly at the house of your choice- most rapidly by phone, by E-Mail or Fax. On request, you can arrange a viewing- or consulting appointment or send us a reservation enquiry.


Service-Center of the youth hostels in the Rhineland

Either if you like to go with the music-making classroom on a big journey, always wanted to stay overnight in a castle or like to condition your theatre troup to the upcoming premiere: at the Service-Center of the youth hostels in the Rhineland, we will inform you about excess capacities of the youth hostels, programme offers and leisure time opportunities on-site or will send you further brochures.

Even if you don`t know exactly yet, where the journey did end up- our competent service-team will rapidly find the appropriate youth hostel and will directly receive your booking.

You can get in contact with the DJH Service-Center:

Opening Times:

Monday to Thursday: 8.00 – 17.00

Friday:                        8.00 – 15.00

reachable on phone:  

Monday to Thursday: 8.00 – 17.00

tel.  0211 30263026

Fax 0211 30263027



Leisure Time

Our houses are not just offering the optimal starting basis for an intensive rehearsal, but also many possibilities for leisure time activities inbetween the rehearsal phases: action in the high rope course, at the ping-pong table, during the forest walk or relaxation in the wellness area of the youth hostel.

Maybe you like to party a wee bit? Many of the houses are equipped with a discotheque room; alternatively often on-site bistros or the open-hearth fire places are inviting for an exchange of ideas.


Internal and external rehearsal rooms

Various rehearsal opportunities are adapted to the size of the ensembles: 25 sq metres for the string quartet and 120 sq metres for the choir; impressive rooms such as the knight`s hall on Burg Blankenheim or the on-site amphitheatre of the youth hostel Bad Honnef are part of it. For bigger groups there are many external highlights in proximity of the youth hostels: entertainment halls and open-air stages, gyms and auditoriums are ideal acting locations for concerts or final rehearsals.

Just call on us, we`re taking care of individual rehearsal conditions according to the motto:

arrive, feel well, making music!  



In the national park Eifel or directly at the Rhine: all of the houses are located in a quiet surrounding and are mostly easy reachable by public transfer or the own car. Parking places are at disposal directly at the houses or in proximity. You will find detailed arrival descriptions on the internet-sites of the respective houses.



The Deutsche Jugendherbergswerk is a registered society. To embrace the offers of our houses, the DJH-group-membership for orchestras, choirs and music groups is needed. The benefit: not every single participant of your event needs a personal membership in the DJH. Please contact our DJH-Service-Center to apply for the DJH membership card rapidly and uncomplicated.


Opening Times

Many of our youth hostels are open 24/7, in the others music groups will receive a key.

The reception desk times are varying from house to house, you will find the exact times in the respective descriptions of the houses.



The right catering makes a contribution to a successful rehearsal experience all around! Our kitchen teams are appointed to this with a varied menue. You should address special catering wishes already with the planning of your stay in one of the music youth hostels, so that they can be adjusted to the schedule of your rehearsal periods. Upon consultation, also lactose-, pork- and gluten free as well as vegetarian menues can be pre-ordered.



You will stay overnight in four- or six-bedrooms, often equipped with a separate shower/toilet. At a premium, you can also book single- or double-bedrooms if available. The bright and friendly rooms are creating best prerequisites for new musical challenges.

Every group is accommodated in its own room and we are providing single rooms for the team leaders without a surcharge