Typically Youth Hostel

Things you can count on!

When the first youth hostel was founded the main idea was: Young people should have the chance to discover the world regardless of their origins or their incomes. They should share the experience and expand their horizons. We still trust the fascination of these values for the future.

100 % proofed quality
The quality management of the regional association of Baden-Wuerttemberg is defined by the guest satisfaction, the staff satisfaction and the optimization of work processes.

We achieve our high quality in the youth hostels through

  • regular trainings of our employees in order to guarantee a friendly and flexible service
  • the implementation and further development of our quality concept "Youth Hostels 100 % proofed quality".
  • the implementation of uniform nationwide profiles for selected youth hostels in Baden-Wuerttemberg.
  • advice and assistance in the development and implementation of concepts for individual youth hostels.
  • an active complaints management to identify the wishes of our guests and to use their ideas and critic as a stimulus for further development.

The guest is the focus of attention of all our actions. We want to satisfy him and surprise him with our ideas, offers and programmes.