FAQs on Hostelling in times of COVID-19 / Corona

You may also download our Info-Flyer (PDF).

Thorough hand washing
Wash for at least 20 - 30 seconds with enough soap (palms, back of the hand, fingertips, space between fingers, thumbs, fingernails, wrist). Touch water tap only with the elbow or a disposable towel. Dry hands thoroughly with a clean cloth. Support children and needy people if necessary.

Frequent hand washing
Wash hands when entering and leaving the youth hostel; before and after eating, going to the bathroom and after contact to other persons or surfaces.

Not touching your face
Avoid contact between hands and face. Use gloves if necessary (make sure to put be on and off correctly). 

Coughing and sneezing correctly
Cough and sneeze into your elbow or a disposable tissue. Turn away from other people, wash hands directly afterwards.

Cover up wounds
Use plasters, bandages or creams; wash hands before and after handling.

Keep distance
At least 1.5m; if not possible use a protective mask.

Take care of cleanliness
Regular cleaning of clothes and shoes, cloths and products brought with you; separate used products, e.g. in laundry bags or plastic bags. Do not use the same product as others: e.g. different cutlery, separate towels, other toys.

Treat foods hygienically
Clean thoroughly before consumption (fruit, vegetables, snacks), store packaged; stay away from other people in the dining room.

Ventilate well
Ventilate rooms regularly and several times a day, leave windows open if possible when leaving a room. Do not forget to switch off the heating.

FAQs on Youth Hostels

Youth Hostels are as international as their guests. But always shared rooms? No. Always rose hip tea? No. And strict housing regulations? No. But some respect. Yes, please!

Youth Hostels offer shared rooms. But there are also single or double rooms. If these are available, you can sleep alone in a room or share one with your partner, but a surcharge will apply. Families can book family rooms in advance, subject to availability. All Youth Hostels have common rooms, and many also offer function rooms for courses or conferences.

FAQ on DJH's information service

Our home page will provide you with a wealth of information on Youth Hostels. The "extra|tour" magazine for example appears four times a year.

Our home page will provide you with a wealth of information on Youth Hostels, membership in the German Youth Hostel Association, class trips, family holidays, holidays for children and teenagers, individual travel and offers for groups.

The websites of the different Regional Association's service centres will provide even more information.

FAQ on German Youth Hostel Association

The Regional Associations are independent non-profit associations and fulfil all the tasks of the German Youth Hostel Association within their own area.

The German Youth Hostel Association - or Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk in German, DJH for short – is a non-profit organisation. It works predominantly for the benefit of young people from all over the world. It promotes mutual understanding and the peaceful co-existence, completely irrespective of a person's gender, race, religion, ideology or political party.

FAQ on Data protection

The Youth Hostel Association's data protection policy provides information on personal information and data.

What does the Youth Hostel Association do with my personal data? What are they allowed to use it for and what not? The Youth Hostel Association's data protection policy provides information on this and is binding for us.