Our goal: to make your event a success

Looking for state-of-the-art rooms for your conference? The right atmosphere for your next seminar? Or the ideal rehearsal room for a weekend with your choir? Our Youth Hostels score in all categories. Book a stay in one of our Hostels and you can be sure to have a very special experience: we offer relaxed hospitality, professional equipment and attractive leisure activities – we can make your conference a shared success for everyone taking part!


Fancy a large helping of team spirit? No problem, German Youth Hostels will happily serve it up! Be it a choir excursion, courses for vocational trainees or a youth fire fighters’ workshop: you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for at one of the roughly 450 German Youth Hostels. The Youth Hostels that specialise in conferences and workshops offer their clients much more than just “a bed and a blackboard”: apart from extensive technical equipment including internet access, projectors, DVD players, TV sets, flip charts and pin boards, Youth Hostels also provide great catering – with everything from healthy snacks for in between meals to a rich buffet. Meanwhile, the countless programmes created specifically for this purpose by the Youth Hostels make sure your event offers fun, variety and adventure. From group yoga to canoe tours and bonfire nights, there is something for everybody. Did you know? There are even Youth Hostels that have their own recording studio! In other words, Youth Hostels are quite #differentthanyouexpect. To help turn your conference, workshop or rehearsal weekend into a lasting success for everyone involved, Youth Hostels can provide you with checklists and useful hints and tips from the moment you start planning your event. After all, experiencing a sense of community has topped our agenda for almost 111 years now.

Our Youth Hostels are the ideal place for your conference

This is where team spirit develops all by itself: be inspired by the laid back, creative atmosphere in our Hostels. Add "motivation" and "fun" to your seminar agenda when you are staying with us – during and after work! As our guests, develop new ways of thinking and look forward to out-of-the-ordinary moments of success and real group experiences.

We are specialists for seminars and conferences

Our function rooms are flexible and can be used by small or larger groups. They are equipped with extensive technical systems such as internet access, projectors, DVD players, TV sets, flip charts and pin boards. Enjoy our friendly service during breaks or at mealtimes. It's easy to get in touch with others over a small snack or at the rich buffet. We are happy to fulfil individual demands, such as vegetarian meals. We can also provide comfortable accommodation for participants for the night, if required. You will find more information on the available rooms in the descriptions of the individual Hostels.

Do you know our special programme for seminars and conferences?

Leave the beaten track – and overcome your limitations together. Benefit from our special offers and, together with your team, make your conference an interactive and holistic event. Whether it revolves around nature or culture – we can offer you a tailor-made programme for your conference, seminar or workshop. Do you like sports? Why not go climbing or on a canoe tour together? Or are you looking for relaxation? Why not attend a yoga class in the evening? Our competent and experienced contact persons on site will be glad to assist you in planning leisure activities. Just get in touch!