Fun and education bonded seamlessly

One of the best ways to teach children and university students is by getting them out of the day-to-day life of school and university and allowing them to learn by doing. For 100 years we have been creating environments where fun blends with education, and today we have a wide range of offers designed to imbue your students with a healthy dose of interest in diverse topics.

Learn German in a place where you can use it daily

We know first-hand how important it is to practice a language in a real-world setting without desks and textbooks. Our youth hostels are the perfect starting point for group travel with students hoping to improve their language skills. But we also know how important the classroom setting is for learning a foreign language, and our facilities are equipped with all the modern amenities you need - wireless internet, projectors, flip charts, etc. - to combine targeted study with real-world practice.

See where history was made

Many group travel experiences revolve around history and culture, and our youth hostels are perfectly located to get you to the sites you want your school or university students to see. After all, why look at pictures and read text about the Berlin Wall, for example, when you can simply take your class to the wall itself, imprinting an image in their mind that will be retained far longer than a picture in a textbook because they came face to face with history.

Sports and music: great sources of inspiration

The rigorous schedule of studying leaves precious little time for students to practice sports or music. But group travel to one of our first-rate youth hostels give you a chance to get your team on the field or to let your choir practice to their heart’s content. Our hostels are also an excellent choice for touring orchestras, and with advanced notice we can arrange rehearsal space. No matter what the purpose of your group travel is, your class will enjoy world-class facilities, delicious food, and comfortable living space. Make your class trip a memorable one and stay in one of our German youth hostels.