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Nuremberg - heritage and modernity combined

Is it the city's cultural highlights? Or the numerous memorials reminding us of significant events in the past, the outstanding achievements in science and modern technology? Or could it be the magnificent landscape full of forests and lakes that lies protectively around Nuremberg - what is it that gives the region this special flair and makes the people that live here feel that their quality of life is extraordinarily high?
Nuremberg - a city with half a million inhabitants, its finger on the pulse, a romantic jewel, full of adventure and yet a source of serenity, a place steeped in history and yet full of life, aware of its responsibility in dealing with the past, but umistakeably on its way to a dynamic Europe of Regions.

Leisure activities in the area

  • Culture: planetarium, observatory, zoo, parks and leisure centres.
  • Opera, theatre, cabaret, galleries,
  • Salz und Pfeffer theatre, guided tours of the city for youngsters by the "Geschichte für Alle" (History for All) association.
  • Nazi Party Rally Grounds Documentation Centre
  • Sports activities: indoor and outdoor swimming pools (some of which are accessible by wheelchair), ice rink, roller skates for rent, bike rental service, roller skate rental service, bike rental service, inline skate rental service, go-kart course.

Outings and excursions

  • A climber's paradise: Franconian Switzerland
  • Excursions to Franconian Switzerland an the dripstone caves or the Franconian Lake District
  • City tours to Bamberg, Rothenburg, Würzburg and Munich

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