Come in....

...into the new circus tent of the youth hostel Nettetal!

Red and white became blue and yellow: the new circus tent of the youth hostel Nettetal-Hinsbeck is built and is already over its first application. At the turn of the year 2018/2019, the family leisure time “Open Circus Ring“ took place in the youth hostel Nettetal and 80 small and big artists, clowns and fire-breathers were allowed to test the new four-master circus tent -which was substantially sponsored by the Nettetal savings banks foundation- to its circus suitability. The bottom line is: sensational!

Due to a natural gas heating system in the circus tent with its interior height of 9 metres and a total diameter of 26 metres, circus leisure times are not just possible during the summer, but also in autumn and wintertime! With or without the parents, the participants are practising first at all everything that belongs to a real circus performance: juggling, playing Diabolo, let the plates dance, riding the unicycle and acrobatics on the balance beam.

Three separate practise-areas are offering enough space for concentrated exercising. At the last evening, the word is: come in for an open circus ring with a big circus gala!

Due to the event-capable lighting- and sound technology and 180 seats, everyone`s feeling like in a real circus show!

Further information on the offers for kids, teens and families.

Open Circus Ring“ for families and separately travelling parents with children from 5 years on.


Self-evidently, the youth hostel Nettetal-Hinsbeck also offers class trips with a circus programme. At the “Circus Leisure Time“ acrobatics, juggling, wizardry, clownery, fire-breathing and a lot more are generating not just an intensive pedagogical area of exercises, but rather are initiating various learning processes: discipline, reliability, confidence, coherence and courage.

Circus Leisure Time“ suitable for 3rd and 6th class

The circus tent at a glance:

-height of the mast: 12 metres

-interior height: 9 metres

-total interior diameter: 26 metres

-entrance: 8 metres long, 4 metres high

-seating capacity: 180

-event-capable lighting- and sound technology

-3 separated practise-areas

-natural gas heating system

-distance to the youth hostel: 20 metres

The new circus tent is being set up (time lapse)