Family Youth Hostel Gemünd Vogelsang

Grasp nature, experience history

Its central site in the national park Eifel and the healthy climate makes the nice shopping-village Gemünd a popular vacation spot. Water, forest and the unspoiled nature are promising an entirely restful stay. Not for nothing, the national park Eifel ranks among the most popular excursion destinations in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Right in the middle of it, the Forum Vogelsang IP is located in the heritage-protected buildings of the former “NS-Ordensburg“. And therefore, here the motto is called: „grasp nature, experience history, shape the future“.

The youth hostel Gemünd Vogelsang

Modern, comfortable, close-to-nature: romantically imbedded in a wooded valley of the Kermeter, offside from the road traffic, the youth hostel Gemünd Vogelsang is located. The proximity to the “International Place Vogelsang“ is playing a central role in the programme offer of the new youth hostel- historical-political contents are planned as well.

Look forward to a new, comfortable accommodation amidst the experience-region Nordeifel, just 5 minutes away from the outside-pool and 15 minutes from the centre.

The particular for families:

  • National Park Eifel: ranger guidance, national park gate Gemünd, Wild Kermeter

  • Vogelsang IP, former Ordensburg with the exhibitions
    – national park “dreams of wilderness
    – NS-documentation “member of the master race“
    – astro “stars without frontiers“

  • shipping on the Rursee

  • Gemünd: spa park with fitness garden, Kneipp-basin, minigolf

  • Schleiden: Pump Track Parcours, Sturmiuspark with Eifel-beach

  • Hellenthal: open-air enclosure

  • Heimbach: nature-information-centre

  • Kommern: open-air museum

Travel packages for families

The Family Youth Hostel Gemünd Vogelsang offers various travel offers and special packages for families. You will find an overview on our travel offers page.