Current metropolises, history-charged cities, picturesque landscapes and industrial culture on a grand scale.

City- and graduation trips to the most beautiful corners in the Rhineland.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already knew that "the best education is found in travel. Education that goes beyond textbook knowledge and takes place in encounters with a wide variety of people, unfamiliar cities and new experiences is only possible through travel. So why not combine the useful with the pleasant?

City trips are particularly popular in the upper grades. Pulsating metropolises such as Bonn, Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Cologne are among the most popular destinations for class and graduation trips. Sightseeing, shopping and selfies in front of impressive backdrops. There's no question about it: the prospect of turning your back on everyday school life for a few days in order to explore all facets of cultural life in an unfamiliar city - who would say no to that?

Now all that remains is to decide where to go.
Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bonn, Duisburg - or both? All 6 city hostels or youth hostels are unbeatably centrally located and score with the highest equipment standard of the German Youth Hostel Association. Basically, all city trips consist of individually combinable experience modules and regional highlights. Alternatively, multi-day school trips can also be booked as a complete program.


Düsseldorf, for example, is considered chic, sets trends as a fashion metropolis and unites creativity from all over the world.

The city of Cologne has mastered a skilful balancing act between tradition and modernity: whether Kwartier Latäng or Old Town, historic cathedral or philharmonic hall, Museum Ludwig or German Sport & Olympia Museum - culture in all its facets is writ large in Cologne.

Bonn, the city of Beethoven's birth, is not a metropolis in the conventional sense, but its cultural and leisure life is no less diverse and varied.

Duisburg is setting new standards in terms of culture, creativity and sport with its Duisburg North Landscape Park and Sports Park, and is bringing industrial culture to life on a completely new scale.

Where the journey takes you and your school class in the end is, of course, up to you. We will take care of everything else! In the meantime, you and your class can look forward to an eventful and, above all, unforgettable city highlight with us in the Rhineland!

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