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Facilities for wheelchair users

All of the City-Locations are accessible and are equipped with appropriate rooms and bath rooms. The conference rooms are usually easily reachable for wheelchair users.



You can book your seminar or conference directly at the City-Location of your choice- most rapidly by phone, E-Mail or Fax. Gladly we will previously fix a consulting- or viewing date, or you can send a booking request.


The DJH Service-Center of the youth hostels in the Rhineland

The DJH Service-Center Rhineland will give detailed information on the facilities of our City-Locations and their profiles. Here we will advise you central on excess capacities, programme offers, on-site leisure time possibilities and current information prospectus.

Service-Center of the youth hostels in the Rhineland

Düsseldorfer Straße 1a

40545 Düsseldorf

Tel.: 0211 30 26 30 26

Fax: 0211 30 26 30 27





Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday 8.00 to 17.00

Friday 8.00 to 15.00

Reachability on phone

Monday-Friday 8.00 to 17.00


Leisure Time

Our houses are not just ideal places for intensive working, they are also always offering the framework for a varied culture- and leisure time programme: for example a visit at the museum or a musical, an eventful daytrip through the rhenish metropolises or a restful excursion into the proximity. In the evening time the on-site bistros are inviting for a relaxed conversation with a glass of wine aside.



Whether in Aachen, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Duisburg or Cologne: All of the houses are usually located central and are easily reachable by public transport or the own car. Parking places are at your disposal directly at the houses or in proximity. You will find detailed travel information on the internet-sites of the respective City-Locations.



The Deutsche Jugendherbergswerk is a registered society. For plugging into the offers of our houses a DJH group-membership for your company or your organisation is needed. Your benefit: not every participant of your event has to be a DJH member. You will receive the membership card for groups at the DJH-Service-Center Rhineland.


Business Hours

Many of our houses are open 24/7, in some of the houses the seminar- or conference groups will receive a key. The opening time for the reception desk varies from house to house, you will find the exact times in the respective descriptions of the houses.



Conference organisers, who are following up socially relevant aims- so-called non-profit organisations- will get 15% rebat on the conference room rental. Young conference guests up to the age of 26 will especially benefit from our keen conference flatrates. Guests from 27 years on (27Plus) have to pay 2-, Euro extracharge per overnight stay. All of the prices are subject to VAT.



The city locations offer framework programmes whitch are custom-built to the individual wishes and needs of conference guests and can be integrated in ideal form into the process of your events. We will submit personal offers for range and compilation of framework programmes according to purpose, demand and budget.


Conference Consulting

So that your event will proceed perfectly, experienced staff will stand by your side before and during your event, to ensure a personal and professional service one-stop. The service-teams of our houses will gladly give suggestions for the choice and the design of the rooms, the planning of the meals and the leisure time organisation.

With the Key Account Manager Jens Haas an experienced consulter for scheduling big meetings, events and congresses is at your side.

Jens Haas
Siegesstrasse 5
50679 Köln

Tel. +49 221 778 733 17
Fax +49 221 778 733 10
E-Mail: j.haas@djh-rheinland.de

Conference Flat Rates/Prices

Already from an attendance of 10 you can use our keen conference flat rates with or without overnight stay.

Conference Flat Rate with overnight stay

– 1 overnight stay in a multi-bed room with shower/toilet (single/double bedroom at a premium) respectively seminar facilitator in a single/double bedroom without extra charge.

– breakfast, lunch, dinner

– seminar room in appropriate size

– setup as requested

– flipchart

– pinboard

– WLAN for the referents

– coffee, tea, 2 cold drinks per conference

– 2 snacks per conference prices are valid per person and night


Conference flat rate without overnight stay

– conference room in appropriate size

– lunch, 2 snacks per conference

– setup as requested

– flipchart

– pinboard

– WLAN for the referents

– coffee, tea, 2 cold drinks per conference

prices are valid per person and day

Furthermore the City-Locations are offering numerous varieties to configure individual conference offers. Smaller groups will usually get individual customised offers as well. Prices and achievements of these offers are different from house to house. You will find every information concerning this on the respective sites of the City-Locations.


Conference rooms

The conference rooms of our City-Locations are modern and friendly styled and can be provided with seats according to your wishes. Most of the rooms are offering a view into the countryside,some of them are equipped with a separate balcony or a direct outdoor exit. The conference rooms are usually easily reachable for wheelchair users.


Conference technique

All of the conference rooms are equipped with modern media- and presentation technique. Further medias, instruments or special conference technique can be additionally booked optional. WLAN is on hand in all of the rooms. Please take out the information on the precise facilities of the descriptions of the houses or the chart “Tagungsausstattung“.


Number of Participants

The capacity of the rooms extends from 10 to 210 persons, depending on the house.Upon consultation, for bigger events our houses can be at your disposal exclusively.


The cooking-teams of the City-Locations appreciate light, varied and balanced dishes. All of the meals are offered as a buffet. Medical, vegetarian or religious caused food wishes will be certainly considered. The meal times are oriented to your seminar schedule. Beside breakfast, lunch and dinner you will get by request conference beverages, fruits, coffee with cakes in the afternoon, snacks or lunch-boxes. Optional the on-site bistros are offering hot or cold beverages and additionally small dishes.


Room Supply

All of the houses are equipped with modern, friendly single/double or multi-bed rooms with shower/toilet. Always rooms with accessible baths are at your disposal as well. All of the City-Locations dispose of an on-site bistro or a Cafe-Bar, often with a separate patio. Please get the information on facility details from the respective descriptions of the houses.