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Toronto can be found on the north-west shore of Lake Ontario and with a population of over two and a half million, it is the most populated city in Canada. Toronto is a great city to discover on foot being highly considered a ‘city within a park’ with its miles of woodland areas that meander along with the streams and rivers through the city.


Staying in Toronto

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Directions: 76 Church St

Tel: 1 416 971 4440.


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Things to do and see in Toronto

Toronto’s main beaches can be found alongside Lake Ontario in the neighbourhood called ‘beaches’ and these are typically quiet most of the time. The beach running alongside the south shore of the Toronto Islands is perfect for those looking for a secluded beach while a more popular one which locals often frequent can be found in north Toronto called Wasaga beach.

The Toronto Island Park is a small chain of islands in the harbour and a great place to go for family fun. The island community offers boats, bikes and skates which is good as there are no cars allowed here and visitors are strictly told to ‘Please walk on the grass!’ The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse was built in 1808 and is believed to be haunted by its very first keeper and Hanlan’s Point Beach which offers clothing-optional sun-bathing.

Toronto is very cosmopolitan and offers various areas great for experiencing different cultures. These include the Italy/Portugal Village great for cafes and bars with a Mediterranean atmosphere and Little India for shops and restaurants with Toronto’s South Asian community.


Eating out & nightlife in Toronto

Toronto is such a multicultural city that it is easy to eat out and choose any style of food for a great price. Being one of North America’s top cities for cuisine, there is plenty of choice available. Chinatown is perfect for Vietnamese and Thai and also for a style of Chinese food called Hakka while for those who like to people-watch, Yorkville is the place to go.

For lively nightlife, then the appropriately named areas of Clubland and the Fashion District have plenty of bars to choose between them.


Getting around in Toronto

Toronto is a huge city, and even though it is easily possible to discover the city by car, parking can be pretty expensive and the city does offer an extensive transit system, the third busiest in North America. Both buses and Streetcars are efficient but prone to delays during rush-hour, where a faster and more efficient alternative may be the underground subway system.


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