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Bangkok is a huge city of more than 1 million inhabitants, and even though it is characterised with high-rise buildings, congestion and exotic nightlife, it really has so much more to offer. For those who wish to discover the heart of the city, they will find magnificent palaces, spiritual temples, busy markets, and a thriving nightlife to rival any capital city.


Staying in Bangkok

We recommend you stay in the Hostel Bangkok Baan Dinso.
Direction: 113 Trok Sin, Dinso Road
Phone: +66 (0)26220560 3

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Things to do and see in Bangkok

Due to Bangkok’s location of just 14 degrees above the equator, temperatures are always going to be over 30C, but don’t let that stop you going out and discovering the attractions of Bangkok. One of the best ways to see the city is by bike, and by avoiding the main roads and seeking out smaller streets and alleys, it is possible to find picturesque parks, busy markets and spiritual temples. It is also possible to find excursions to the Bangkok Jungle to meet locals and experience the tranquillity of Bangkok’s paddy fields and orchid farms.

Another great way to discover Bangkok is through a canal tour along the Chao Phraya River with its connecting canals to experience a floating market, the royal barges and the National Museum building.

To experience some of Bangkok’s traditional culture and history, there are many spectacular performances that can be found throughout the city, and one of the best districts being Ratchadaphisek. The whole area comes to life with entertainment from clubs, theatres and bars but for those looking for a more traditional Thai performance, the Siam Niramit mixes modern technology with traditional dance and the Thailand’s Cultural Centre offers authentic and traditional shows.


Eating out & nightlife in Bangkok

Seafood dishes are a speciality in Bangkok and there are restaurants that cater for all price ranges and the Huai Khwang district is a good place to start, especially for late night dining. If you want to go where the locals go, visit the Bali Seafood in the Ratchadaphisek district, where you’ll find up to 4,000 Thais all eating and drinking with huge TV screens and live music for entertainment. Royal City Avenue (RCA) is also a great street to go for nightlife offering huge trendy clubs made popular with special effects, stunning interiors and live bands. These are very much where the locals go and a great place to experience real Bangkok entertainment.


Getting around in Bangkok

The MRT metro system serves the Ratchadaphisek district along with over a dozen bus routes from different areas of the city. There are also taxis available and these are a convenient way to travel offering air conditioning and an easier option in what sometimes can be a tricky city to navigate.


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