Rehearsal trips or concert tours

The training camp for choirs, bands and orchestras

Your youth orchestra is preparing for its first big performance? You would like the members of your choir to get to know each other better so practise runs even more smoothly? Or are you looking for inexpensive accommodation during your concert tour? Why not take a break from routine and spend a weekend in one of our Music Youth Hostels to give it a try.

Ready for rehearsal straight after a rich breakfast

Rehearsing the same piece of music day and night, trying to get the musicians' different temperaments and instruments to harmonise perfectly, that is something you will not be able to do in a music school. Your group members' private or professional duties will sometimes even make it impossible for the whole orchestra to rehearse together. Thankfully, there are Youth Hostels: go on a musical trip so you can follow your own rhythm, rehearse to your heart's content and have a great time together.

Travelling in groups: our Youth Hostels offer enough space for all

Spend the nights in our comfortable shared rooms during your music trip and decide for yourself whether you would prefer to stay in four-bed, six-bed or double rooms. Our modern rooms are spacious, some even have an en-suite bathroom. And many of our Hostels offer the best possible comfort for wheelchair users.

Rehearsal rooms included – Music Youth Hostels are ideal for a music trip

You would like to rehearse intensively with your choir or orchestra without being interrupted? Our Music Youth Hostels provide you with state-of-the-art rehearsal rooms. If you agree your rehearsal times with us in advance, we can make sure that mealtimes for your group fit your schedule.

Even the most ambitious musicians need a break from time to time: in order for the group to get to know each other better, we have a range of attractive leisure and sports activities on offer to round off your stay with us, such as:

High ropes course

Bonfire area

Ping-pong tables

Spa area

Do you have any questions on how to organise your music trip? Looking for attractive leisure activities to fill the time between rehearsals? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, our staff will be happy to help you.