Haunted castle in the city of three rivers

A castle, a museum and a spectacular view. Plus, of course: culture at its best! That's what to expect at Passau Cultural Hostel in the Veste Oberhaus castle. High above the city, you will reside inside time-honoured walls. Marvel at the stars through the telescopes at the observatory and delve deep into Passau's history. Be tempted to join a steam boat tour, an outing to the Bavarian Forest or an idle afternoon in the sun at the Ilzstausee barrier lake - and, of course, a leisurely walk through Rosengasse, Theresienstrasse et cetera (etc.). A must for all those who like it peaceful, yet lively. Welcome to Passau Youth Hostel!

In 2019: 800 years of history of Veste Oberhaus.

The Town Passau
The 17th century town spilling with an Italian flair. Here in Passau, locals and tourists dance and laugh together and one time every year Passau becomes the grandstand for European Week where  classical musicians from all over Europe come and perform here in Passau or in the nearby cities.  
You can also head on over to Mariahilf an old monastery that was once home to a pilgrimage and the cult of Our Lady, now home to an excellent view of Passau and an old church.

The Cultural Treasures of Passau
The Dom St. Stephan with the largest organ church in the world. Stories of old Passau and the history in the museum Oberhausmuseum in the castle Veste Oberhaus. The
Artists of yesterday and today find themselves in the museum of modern art, located in houses apart of the old town in Passau.

Detours for nature lovers
•    The environmental station Haus am Strom at the Donautal that offers hiking, guided tours of a hydroelectric power station and learning about the area
•    The Bavarian National Forest
•    The treetop path in Kopfing, Austria
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Experience the three rivers: The Danube, Ilz, and Inn while hiking, cycling in the area or on one of the many boat tours in the area. Then freshen up at the Peb adventure pool, which offers outdoor and indoor pools, diving, swimming, and fitness pools as well.

Conquer, Experience, Discover
How you ask do your children become conquerors?
•    By going back in time and experiencing stonemasonry, playing knight games, and many more
•    Going on exciting tours between the Danube and Vltava rivers
•    Then leave this world behind and blast off into the universe with our observatory

We have varied offers for traveling families and school groups for our many cultural programs.

Spend the night like a knight
Spend the night in this 500 year plus castle “Veste Oberhaus” perched upon the Georgsberg.
Waiting for you are 129 beds in rooms ranging from two to seven bed dorm rooms, and including one 12 bed dorm room. Our hostel is also ideal for your next family vacation.
Use the extraordinary atmosphere we have in our workshops to your advantage. As you work in historic rooms with cross vaulted ceilings let them inspire you and remind of the past simultaneously.

Hikers beware! This hostel is the first to bear the Goldsteig seal for the longest hiking trail in Germany. The Goldsteig trail is 660 km, starts in Marktredwitz or Passau and ends in the city of Passau or Marktredwitz. This hostel is an ideal starting spot for your adventure!

The Culture | Youth Hostel Passau team is looking forward to seeing and accommodating you!
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