Quality assurance

The modern school routine has many faces: increasingly individualized encouragements are on the agenda! Heterogeneity and diversity are characterizing the class community. To see the variety and the needs of the pupils not as a burden, but as an enrichment sometimes requires particular strategies- we do have some or another idea!

The youth hostels in the Rhineland as extracurricular learning- and educational places are representing an attractive and especially varied alternative to the conventional school routine. Additionally, our experience-pedagogical class trip programmes are making an important contribution to the quality assurance of the scholastic didactical- and learning processes. All of the programmes were conceived to configurate the lessons even livelier and to make theoretical knowledge come alive by practical experiences.

Furthermore they are promoting targeted the social learning, generating the curriculum-contents of the MINT school subjects or showing the related-to-practise utilisation of the general studies and are forwarding social competences.

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We are guaranteeing, that the positive experiences of these class trips will be integrated for a long time and especially sustainable into your school routine!