School trips to Rhineland youth hostels

Much more than just a roof over your head

The tasty breakfast buffet, the pillow fight in the bunk bed or the bull’s eye with a bow and arrow – these are school trip experiences that schoolchildren will excitedly be telling their parents about afterwards. Many factors contribute to an unforgettable school trip. Many years of experience, attention to detail and pedagogically supervised programmes make the Rhineland youth hostels the ideal destination for your school trip.



Whether a cosy half-timber house in the country, a rustic knight's castle with a view over the valley or a modern house in the city centre – you can experience school trips in a unique environment at the Rhineland youth hostels. Every house has its own strengths: discover the special offers ranging from experiential education and wellness to the circus.



Our hostels are excellently prepared for your school trip: depending on the focal point of the youth hostel, you will find special facilities such as a roofed high-rope course for exciting climbing events, bikes for a sports tour or GPS devices for a geocaching adventure. Of course there is sufficient space for mutual activities in all youth hostels – in good and bad weather. Use the cosy common rooms for your indoor activities or the extensive outdoor areas for romping, playing or doing sports.


Cosy rooms with bunk beds – this is just an essential part of any school trip! Sleeping in a multi-bed room not only promotes community spirit, consideration and tolerance – it’s also a lot more fun. This does not, of course, apply to group leaders or accompanying persons: for groups of more than 20 pupils the Rhineland youth hostels guarantee two comfortable group leader rooms, usually with their own bathrooms.


Food and drink

Crispy salads, hearty meals, tasty desserts – food and drink is an important topic that’s crucial for the mood within the group. So the kitchen teams place great value on balanced meals and fresh ingredients. Whether it is an appealing buffet or a varied menu – young and old guests are certain to enjoy their food at the Rhineland youth hostels. Allergies, religious eating customs or little vegetarians? Have a world with the hostel team; they will be glad to fulfil any special wishes.


Programme supervision

Whether you are exploring the forest habitat together, making friends with cows at the organic farm or taking a trip through time to the Middle Ages – most of our programmes offer educational supervision. To guarantee this we choose specially trained instructors for our services. They will not only support you in designing the content of your programme but also accompany the group in their activities.

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