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On to the Rhineland for a rehearsal!

Give your rehearsal work a fresh impulse and experience with your music group a particular musical event in a rhenish music youth hostel. For comprehensive information, the brochure “Choirs&Music Groups“ is at disposal. Here you`ll find everything, that`s of interest in terms of rehearsal rooms, instruments and technique for your stay in a music youth hostel.

Simple & well arranged- our music flat rate

Rehearsal room, overnight stay, catering- with us everything`s included! We are offering you a favourable music flat rate, so that your planning and calculation of your musical trip is getting even easier. You`ll stay overnight in four- or six-bedrooms, often equipped with a separate shower and toilet. At a premium, you can book -if available- also single- or two-bedrooms. Beside our flatrate offers, the music youth hostels are naturally offering also various opportunities for the configuration of individual arrangements.

“The Classics“- three-day music flat rate

The offer of all of the 15 music youth hostels guarantees groups from 20 persons on a service package with 2 overnight stays, full-board, bedding and 1 rehearsal room at attractive prices. We are generating the prerequisites for a lot of fun and creative rehearsal work already from 56,40 Euro on.

Just like a musical score, you can orchestrate also supplemental offerings: a favourable beverage flat rate, coffee&cake at the break, the usage of an external rehearsal room or a rehearsal special- that`s all not a problem at all! For this purpose, we will make you an appropriate offer. It`s getting even more interesting at the off-peak season: many music youth hostels are then offering especially attractive prices. 

“The Get-Starter“- two-days music flat rate

You would like to get started musically immediately after your arrival? With our offer from 45,90 Euro per person, you can start to rehearse already from 9.00 early in the morning. Included in the service package are a second breakfast at the day of arrival as well as a lunch at the day of departure; 1 rehearsal room; 1 overnight stay in a multi-bedroom; full-board and bedding. This offer is bookable in 9 music youth hostels from 20 participants on. In the off-peak season you can benefit from especially favourable get-started prices. You can easily book additional offers like a beverage flat rate or a late-check-out at 17.00 and can combine this with a music flat rate of your choice.

Beyond the music flat rates we are offering an individual configuration of your rehearsal stay. Just call on us!

Service for music groups

What all of the music youth hostels got in common, is the individual service for music groups and choirmasters which is at disposal already ahead of your stay in the form of a comprehensive consulting.

Either rehearsal periods, leisure time activities or the catering adjusted to your rehearsal rhythm- we always have a sympathetic ear for individual wishes.

Leisure Time Mix

The music youth hostels are not just offering ideal preconditions for an intensive rehearsal work, but also attractive opportunities for leisure time activities inbetween the rehearsal phases. Either on the high rope course, at the ping-pong table, in the wellness area or on excursions through the close-to-nature surrounding- the “outdoor-rehearsals“ are rounding up the offer and make the 16 rhenish music youth hostels become attractive partners.

Youth Hostel Exclusive!

Big choirs or orchestras need many rehearsal rooms for sectional-, individual- or vocal rehearsals or do rehearse until late at night. With the offer “Youth Hostel Exclusive“, many of the rhenish music youth hostels are offering the possibility to book the entire house for an exclusive separate usage.

During your stay, the entire rooms and premises are at disposal.

-Already before breakfast or later in the evening: music rehearsals are possible at any time!

-The serviceteam of the youth hostel is oriented with its meals and rehearsal catering towards the individual daily- and rehearsal schedules of the music group.

For further information and availabilities please refer directly to the team of the youth hostel of your choice.