Open up and say "Aaaaah"!

The more there is to choose from, the tastier! We offer all meals as buffets. We would be happy to cater to your individual needs; please just let us now in advance. Tuck in and enjoy!

Lavish breakfast buffet for food lovers: Different types of bread and rolls, butter, margarine, two to three different "sweet toppings", coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milk, muesli, flakes or corn pops, meat, cheese, a few fresh sides, and yoghurt and quark.

Drink, main, dessert. Afternoon snack (upon request), for example: Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, a piece of cake or biscuits.

Evening meal:
End the day with a smile on your face:
Different types of bread or something hot, butter, raw vegetarian food and/or a salad, different meats and cheeses, tea or cold drinks.

Packed lunches:
Only the very best: Put together your own packed lunch at the breakfast buffet. We'll add a drink, fruit and a snack.

Special dietary requirements:
We are happy to bear in mind the needs of vegetarians, those with religious dietary requirements or other special diets. Please inform us in advance.

A happy day for our climate
In our Youth Hostels in north-western Germany, we have Veggie Day once a week - a meat-free day with loads of tasty treats. Our guests love it - so does the environment. Because Veggie Day means every one of use is making a valuable contribution to climate protection and reducing CO2 emissions from catering by 22.5 % on that day.

For breakfast, guests can expect lots of different cheeses, including lactose-free cheese, and delicious homemade spreads. Lunch and evening meals including all sorts of dishes, a colourful salad buffet and tasty desserts. On request, we also can prepare vegetarian packed lunches for our guests.

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