Bed in shared room:
  B&B B&B Fixdeal*
Shared room with shower and toilet € 30.00 € 26.00
Panorama dormitory € 26.00 € 23.00
Own room (room rate):
  B&B B&B Fixdeal*
Double room with en-suite shower and toilet € 79.00 € 69.00
Three-bed room with en-suite shower and toilet € 99.00 € 89.00
Four-bed room with en-suite shower and toilet € 122.00 € 117.00
Five-bed room with en-suite shower and toilet € 155.00 € 150.00
Six-bed room with en-suite shower and toilet € 180.00 € 170.00
All prices per room and night including bed linen
*Fixed deal - special conditions apply: no refunds or change of booking. Bookable up to 21 days before arrival.
Price notes
Members only
Hostels are meeting places for members. Their use is only possible with a DJH membership card or with a Hostelling International card (international guest card).
Adult guests are usually accommodated in mixed-sex rooms. Rooms are equipped with bunk beds.
The panorama dorms are rooms with 8 beds with views of the harbour, without en suite shower/toilet. Accommodation is in mixed-sex rooms (18 years of age and older).
Single guests and parents of adult children
Guests aged 27 and over pay a surcharge of € 5.50 per night. When booking a family stay with at least one child under the age of minority, no surcharge is payable.
Low prices for families
Children up to 2 years of age can stay here free (no charge for accommodation or meals).
When booking a family stay, children aged 3-5 years pay the family children price.
Group leaders
Group leaders (with a group card) do not have to pay the surcharge of € 5.50 per night if they are part of a group stay. They will receive an individual room.
Cultural and tourism tax
The municipal culture and tourism taxes for all non-job-related stays will be charged on top of the room rate. We can provide you with details on trips occasioned by essential business.
Further notes
Different prices and conditions apply at certain times of the year.
Errors and omissions excepted