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UNESCO world
heritage sites

World culture and heritage
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Modernised youth hostels are now
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Lady of the Castle
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Discover 35 youth hostels in castles
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UNESCO world heritage sites
UNESCO world heritage sites
New youth hostels.
New youth hostels.
Sleep in a castle.
Sleep in a castle.

Youth hostels for every type of trip

With about 500 different youth hostels in Germany, you can rest assured that you’ll find a hostel that fits your needs like a glove. Our hostels all offer comfortable accommodations and state-of-the-art facilities, and each youth hostel also has a unique flair that will make your stay extra special.

Culture and heritage – discover Germany!

Our youth hostels are the perfect place to soak up culture and heritage. Both students and travellers will gain first-hand experience in a number of topics depending on the particular youth hostel, and our state-of-the-art facilities mean you won’t lack for anything you need to ensure a successful trip.

But it is not just backpackers or university groups that enjoy staying in our youth hostels in Germany. With playground and fun activities for the little ones as well as programmes designed for adults, the entire family will have a memorable holiday—at a very bargain price. Book now and discover youth hostels in Germany first-hand!

Between experience and experiment

Rafting near Youth Hostel Pfaffenhofen
From music to art, festivals to sports, architecture to nature - Germany offers something for everyone. More »

Germany is different. Its regions too.

View over the Alps
From the Sea to the Alps - Germany has plenty of top destinations worth to be paid by a  visit. More »

Feel inspired!

Volleyball group playing
Youth Hostels differ in profiles, programmes, interior, region and culture: Choose whatever you want! More »

Join in to joint action!

Join together!
If class trips, music, sports, learning or having fun: Together does it! More »

Germany - lots of top locations in sight

Cologne Cathedral and Rhine bridge
Visit Germany`s best Youth HotsSpots or travel to famous UNESCO world heritage sites. More »

Basics for Youth Hostels in Germany

Welcome to us!
Everything you should know about Youth Hostels in Germany! More »

Hostels in Germany

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City Guides to Germany`s Youth HotSpots

The Gehry inspired futuristic skyline of Dusselfdorf’s mediahafen
Twelve city guides written by British travel blogger Kash Bhattacharya can now be downloaded in e-brochure format More »