City on the Main, city of wine - discover Würzburg!

UNESCO world heritage site, African festival, Stein wine: Würzburg is a city of superlatives! The splendour of the historic rooms in the Residence is unique - architect Balthasar Neumann created it as a work of art, decorated with Tiepolo's grand ceiling fresco. The Kiliansdom (Würzburg Cathedral) and the magnificent baroque buildings are a feast for your eyes inside the city. The Lusamgärtchen monument is a place of remembrance for Walther von der Vogelweide, Germany's first-ever music superstar!

Würzburg Youth Hostel also lets you experience history: Hostel guests spend their night in a former women's prison here. But don't worry - there are no bars in front of the windows to spoil the view of the city or Marienberg fortress.

City of Festivals

Würzburg and its visitors certainly know how to celebrate. The city of wine on the banks of Main river is the venue of Europe's biggest African festival, always worth a trip for its music and the arts and crafts. Würzburg is a melting pot for cultures - during the festival, but also, of course, at its university. This makes sure that audiences in Würzburg are young - international, open-minded, and full of life.

Wine city on the Main
One-of-a-kind: wine from Würzburg Würzburg is where Germany's most famous cellars for wooden wine casks are at home. And wines from Würzburg are favourites for many wine connoisseurs. Even Goethe's favourite wine came from here: Stein wine.

City of Culture

Theatre lovers will appreciate Würzburg. The city is famous for its many stages. Small and large ones, traditional and modern ones - there is something for everybody here. Let your imagination run loose.

Discover Würzburg - all by yourself, with a friend, as a family, or with your school class. Whether you join a programme or make up your own agenda: your trip is sure to be an experience. Welcome to Würzburg Youth Hostel!
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