Leisure tips

An excellent location!

Far below the hostel flows the Neckar. The hostel is on Dilsberg mountain, about 200 m above the valley. Ever stayed in a town gate? The hostel is part of the fully preserved mediaeval town wall. Enjoy peace and tranquillity in the picturesque village complex. Fully pedestrianized. Would you prefer a little more noise? The little castle park has enough space to run around in. As do the meadows around Dilsberg mountain. On warm summer evenings, the outdoor theatre next to the castle wall attracts visitors. Enjoy a real cultural experience in Dilsberg's Kommandantenhaus ("Commandant's House"), the cultural centre of the Rhine-Neckar district. Also worth seeing is the view from the battlements of the castle wall. You can make out Neckarsteinach's four castles on the other side of the Neckar. How about a hike? The excursion boat to Heidelberg stops at the foot of the castles. All aboard, the boat is casting off!

Leisure activities

  • Freibad Neckargemünd (open-air pool) (6 km)
    In the summer, you can walk to the wonderfully situated open-air pool in about 45 minutes. (5 minutes by bus)
  • Bike and canoe hire (45-minute walk, 5 minutes by bus)
  • Hochseilgarten Neckargemünd (high ropes course) (45-minute walk, 5 minutes by bus)
  • Jumpinn Heidelberg (indoor amusement park) (30 minutes by car)

Hiking - nothing but nature

  • Around Dilsberg mountain (2 hours)
  • Four castle hike (4 hours)
  • Steinerner Tisch ("stone table") (4 hours)
    Walk like Mark Twain once did from Dilsberg to Neckarsteinach. Cross the Neckar via a lock. Go through the beautiful old town and on to the 4 picturesque castles.
    Go on a discovery tour of the Middle Ages and visit Dilsberg's castle grounds and the historical water supply tunnel.
  • Tillystein ("Tilly stone") (5-6 hours)
    Explore the Nonnenbrunnen ("nuns well") and the hidden walls of a Roman estate.
    Popular hiking destination for more than 200 years.
  • Hirschhorn (6 hours)
    Discover the pearl of the Neckar valley.

Lots to experience

  • Neckar boat trip (3 km to the jetty)
    Enjoy a boat trip on the romantic Neckar with views of mountains, castles & monasteries. Tickets are available at the hostel.
  • Schwarzach Wildlife Park (15 km)
    Nature discovery park with about 300 wild animals
  • Heidelberg (16 km)
    Experience the world-famous old town centre with its quaint student pubs. Visit the castle, including the castle courtyard with the "big barrel". Heidelberg also has a zoo that's worth a visit.
  • Heidelberg Königstuhl mountain (16 km)
    First enjoy the spectacular views of the Rhine Valley. Then take your children to see the fairy-tale paradise (Märchenparadies) and/or the falcon show at Tinnunculus.
  • Bellamar, leisure pool in Schwetzingen (25 km)
  • Technical Museum in Sinsheim (26 km)
    Among other things, visit the Anglo-French supersonic plane "Concorde".
  • Schwetzingen Palace and Baroque Garden (26 km)
    Under the direction of Elector Carl Theodor (1724-1799), a garden, modelled after Versailles and unparalleled in Europe, was created in Schwetzingen.
  • Guttenberg Castle (30 km)
    Shows with eagles and vultures in Europe's largest bird of prey centre
  • Mannheim, Germany (35 km)
    The National Museum of Industrial Technology, the planetarium and the beautiful Luisenpark are just at the entrance of the town. The Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum and its interesting exhibitions are in the centre of town.
  • Miramar, adventure pool in Weinheim (36 km)
  • Speyer (39 km)
    There are 4 cultural highlights very close together here. The cathedral, the Historical Museum of the Palatinate, the Sealife Centre as well as Speyer Technical Museum.

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