Leisure tips

Ingolstadt, the vibrant city - combines attractions with activity

Ingolstadt is largely characterised by its great cultural variety, which is a substantial aspect of the city's liveliness, attractiveness and the pulsating atmosphere of this Bavarian city with about 125,000 inhabitants. The automobile industry has left its mark on life in Ingolstadt and the appearance of the town.

Leisure activities at the Youth Hostel

Ping-pong table in the courtyard
Table football
A small district sports centre is located just next to the Youth Hostel.

Leisure activities in the area

Indoor and outdoor swimming pool, Wonnemar thermal bath on the Danube and ice rink, recreational area "West" with quarry lake, game reserve, football pitches, table tennis, mini golf.
Museums, such as the German museum of medical history, Bavarian army museum, city museum, toy museum, farming equipment museum, regional museum etc.
Shopping in Ingolstadt - the city is always bustling with life; Westpark or Ingolstadt outlet village.
Audi Forum Ingolstadt: car museum

Outings and excursions

Hikes and outings to Altmühltal nature reserve
Kelheim: Hall of Liberation, Danube breakthrough, Weltenburg Abbey, falconry, dripstone cave
Neuburg, palatine city
Eichstätt, baroque bishop's residence, and the medieval city of Beilngries
Hopfenland Hallertau - the hop region - and Schrobenhausen, the asparagus producing area.

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